Haldex Gen 4 AWD Electronic Control Unit

Part # HALDEX04.114211
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The Haldex Performance/ Borg Warner Part will greatly improve the performance and handling of your 2010-UP Audi TTRS. The kit consists of a new electronically controlled valve body, gasket, necessary hardware and installation instructions.

By re-tuning your vehicle's AWD system, power is more aggressively directed to the rear wheels under a wide variety of driving conditions. This results in more neutral handling characteristics and better off the line acceleration. This system does not intefere with ABS or Traction Control Systems.

The performance software for Gen 4 has an option where the driver can choose between 3 different parameter settings.
Option 1.
As default when no Remote Control is installed the software is fixed in Race mode which will give the car a sportier and more netural handling performance.
Option 2.
Installing the remote control the driver will have the ability to choose between 3 different parameter settings:

Eco. Developed for fuel efficiency and increased durability of driveline parts. This tuning reduces the
torque transfer during normal highway driving (coasting), but will immediately engage the system
if a wheel starts to slip to prevent decreased traction capabilities.This mode is recommended to be used when 4 wheel drive is not a high priority as in highway driving, commuting etc.

Stock. Standard mode is similar to the original setting in the standard vehicle.
This mode is recommended to be used for normal driving.

Race. Race mode will increase close to maximum torque transfer to the rear axle during
accelerations and active driving. It also reacts faster due to the driver’s intentions and locks up
for more torque before actual torque is available from the engine.

All safety features works as in the original software, for example during ABS braking
or an ESP intervention the coupling will stop transferring torque to avoid
interference with the cars safety systems. 2010-2014 Audi TTRS 2.5L