WAVETRAC® Differential AWD/Quattro Front DSG VW MK6 MK7 02E Audi A3 TT S-Tronic [25T Ring] - Also 2WD VAQ E-diff Fitments

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Wavetrac Differential, AWD Quattro Front DSG VW MK6 MK7 Audi 02E A3 TT S-Tronic [25T RING]

Note on DSG parking brake toothed rings

Note: also fits 2WD DSG models equipped with a factory Performance Pack VAQ Electronic Differential

Wavetrac at a glance:
Innovative: Patented Wavetrac® design automatically improves grip in low traction conditions. This feature is truly innovative and unlike any other torque biasing diff design.
Superior Materials: 9310 steel gears run in case-hardened billet or forged steel bodies. ARP® fasteners used throughout.
Maintenance Free: As supplied new, the Wavetrac® differential will perform a lifetime of service without maintenance or rebuilds.
Customizable: If desired, you can alter the diff’s behavior to suit your needs using optional components.
All Wavetrac® differentials include a transferable, Limited Lifetime Warranty.
If you appreciate quality, you’ll appreciate Wavetrac®.
You can see it, feel it.
• High strength 9310 steel gears
• Case hardened, billet or forged steel housings
• ARP® fasteners throughout.
Wavetrac® manufacturing tolerances and finish requirements meet or exceed all OEM standards and are built in American plants operating to ISO9002 and TS16949 standards. Visit http://wavetrac.net/technical.htm for more information on what makes a Wavetrac® different.