Ignition Spark Plug Wire Set Black 7mm 1.8 16V

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Spark Plug wire set.

Fits MK1/MK2

Bremi-STI Spark Plug Wire Set

Karlyn Industries is known as a leading manufacturer of Ignition Cable sets for the quality conscious automotive aftermarket and as a supplier to Audi/VW and BMW of North America. Karlyn/STI has engineered a wire set line that is second to none in every aspect of performance, protection and coverage. German Engineered and Proudly assembled in the USA, their European wire sets utilize OE parts from Bremi Fahrzeug- Elektrik of Germany, and assembled on 19 strands of tinned copper core wire. Karlyn's Import and Domestic applications utilize German Engineered Spark Plug Connectors, specially designed durable boots, corrosion resistant and oversized clip-lock terminals which allow for positive electrical connection every time you install or reinstall them. Their 8.0mm Silicone-over-Silicone cable includes two layers of Silicone for superior voltage protection and they use stainless steel magnetic conductive. Every set is 100% tested for conductivity and proper resistance before packaging.

  • Contains 19 Strands Of Tinned Copper Core
  • Double Extruded Silicon-Over-Silicone Wire
  • Greatly Exceeds O E and Competitor Specifications
  • Super Conductivity w/Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Unique Tinned Copper Core