Haldex Gen 4 Race Module AWD Electronic Control Unit

Part # HALDEX04.115111
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The Haldex Performance/ Borg Warner Part will greatly improve the performance and handling of your 2008.5-up VW Passat 4-Motion, CC and 2008.5-2013 Tiguan. The kit consists of a new electronically controlled valve body, gasket, necessary hardware and installation instructions.


Race mode will increase close to maximum torque transfer to the rear axle during acceleration and active driving. It also reacts faster due to the driver’s inputs and locks up for more torque before actual torque is available from the engine.

All safety features work as in the original software, for example during ABS braking and ESP intervention the coupling will stop transferring torque to avoid interference with the cars safety systems.

Delivered in unpainted version
Software fixed in Race mode (none adjustable) Fits 2009-2016 CC 4-Motion 3.6L, 2006-2009 Passat 4-Motion 3.6L, 2009-2017 Tiguan 5N 4-Motion 2.0TSI